Taj Homogenizer (Double Stage):

  •   Homogenizer is essential for emulsifying one liquid into another or uniformly dispersing solid particles throughout a liquid to improve consistency, stability, shelf life, flavour and a host of other important product qualities such as:
  •   Homogenizer Milk, Ice Cream mix, fruit juice, Ketchup, Mango Pulp Etc.
  •   Available in capacities of 100, 200, 500, 1000 and till 10000 Liters.
  •   Comes with three pistons for efficient functioning.
  •   All parts of head fabricated in Stainless Steel (Food Grade).
  •   Valves of head are stellite material / tungsten carbide material.
  •   Comes with a pressure gauge of 6000 psi (Diaphragm Type).
  •   Liquid whirling homogenizing head so designed as to provide maximum homogenizing effect.
  •   Counter shaft driven by electric motor or Gear type.
  •   Easy to clean just by circulation of chemical cleaning liquid / water as dismantling of head not required.
  •   Extremely easy to operate, user friendly and has wide variety of applications.
  •   Milk filter and transfer pumps supplied as optional accessories.
  •   Ultimate in efficient performance and versallity.

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