CIP System

Taj CIP (Clean In Place) System:

CIP means cleaning of all sanitary pipelines by circulation, from design and fabrication to installation and start-up, Taj Sigma offers a wide range of Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, CIP tanks and CIP units to reduce cleaning time and costs. We can apply a CIP system to single and multiple tank systems, with or without a common base. We also design and fabricate custom CIP systems, CIP tanks and CIP units based on your unique specifications.

CIP cleaning may consist of soda ash, caustic soda, sodium met silicate, complex phosphates and a lot foaming surfactant. Sufficient hypo chlorine solution may be added to produce 25-50 ppm of available chlorine.

Taj Sigma provides multiple CIP design options:

  • Automatic CIP
  • Semi-Automatic CIP
  • Manual CIP

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