Pasteurizer (HTST)

Taj Pasteurizer (HTST):

The skid mounted milk pasteurization system offered is suitable for pasteurization of milk at 8°c. System pasteurizer at 92°c. As well work as milk heater to heat the milk from 4°c. To 92°c. Suitable for making paneer.
The system offered shall have heat regeneration efficiency of max 90% as well as provision to chill the milk after pasteurization.
It also has the provision for interconnecting milk separator and milk homogenizer in line.
It has facilities to produce hot water by using steam required for heating the milk.
It has the provision auto flow control of steam for maintaining the pasteurizationtemperature. Auto diversion of milk for recirculation in case of under heated milk.
The instrument control panel shall also have provision of eight sets of remote push buttons or three sets of motor starters for operating various motors. However the max cap achieved for paneer milk heater shall be 2,000 lph even when cap of past is 3 klph.

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